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We aim to invest early in our target companies and leverage our experience, network and knowledge to help accelerate their journey. Nearly everyone at Momentum has been an entrepreneur and understands the hardships involved in creating meaningful impact.

Climate Tech Investments

Delhi NCR, India

Mission: Eradicate polystyrene

New-generation biotech company. Producing novel packaging materials using innovations in mycelium products, to replace polystyrene (thermocol) from the world. While at that, also solves air pollution by creating biodegradable materials from crop stubble.

Arpit and Anand are friends from college in India and work earlier at Chakr Innovation, a successful climate tech startup that Arpit co-founded while pursuing his master's degree. For Chakr's impact, Arpit has been awarded as Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur 2018, Echoing Green Fellow for Climate 2017, and UN Young Champion of Earth 2018.

Bay Area, US

Mission: Stop heating spaces

Why do we waste energy heating spaces, not people? It's unsustainable, wasteful & not efficient. To solve this, Beam is building smart, high-efficiency, electric, spot heating systems that provides personalized warmth to people in all environments. Think spotlight, for heat.

Raj and Rohan are childhood friends from India and from high school in Singapore. Raj is currently pursuing a dual master's degree from Harvard Kennedy School and Stanford GSB, and has worked with Deloitte earlier. Rohan holds master's in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon and bachelor's from Georgia Tech, and has worked at Tesla.

Bengaluru, India

Mission: Propagate greener concrete

Carbon-reduction technology pioneer in India. Enables concrete makers build better business and produce cleaner concrete, which today is 8% of global CO2 emissions. Reduces carbon footprint of concrete, without compromising on cost and performance.

Harsh and Vikram have been long-time work colleagues in India's climate tech space. They worked together at Sun Mobility and helped set up EY's India practice in electric mobility. Harsh has further worked in materials space at Log9. The team has education from IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Roorkee & PEC Chandigarh, with strong family background in cement industry.

Health Tech Investments

Bay Area, US

Mission: Optimize healthcare staff time

AI co-pilot to coordinate care for US surgery centres. There's 40% readmission rate of US surgery patients, often due to avoidable errors. Half of surgical staff time is spent in admin work. Confido solves this by automating patient communication for better staff time utilization.

Chetan, Vichar & Kunal are an experienced team in healthcare, AI and growth. Chetan and Vichar were batchmates at undergrad and founded their first company as college students. After a successful exit, Confido is their second venture together. The team has background from IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani & Samsung Health.


Mission: No child left behind

Digital platform for paediatric behaviour health. Developmental delays go undetected or not treated in millions of kids, as developmental monitoring is not a norm. Kinderpass solves the huge lack of availability of pediatricians & clinical psychologists, and high costs, digitally.

Sumedha and Shireen have known each other for over two decades. They were batchmates and roommates at IIM Indore, their business school in India. Sumedha is now based in Singapore and Shireen in Hyderabad. The team has strong background in brand management & marketing from Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, Mars and Aircel.

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