Keenly invest in massive opportunities that have high velocity.


> huge market> stellar team> acute problem> right timing> transformative path

ideas targeting large addressable markets. mature founders with purpose & grit. strong unmet customer need. clear why now. huge impact ambition.


> sound strategy> solid traction> big customer love> bias for action> high defensibility

impressive first attack & foresight. strong early metrics. conjoined with customers. agile teams biased for learning. organic business & execution moats.

Deep investing experience. Purposefully spread across oceans. To help founders anywhere.

Ankur Shrivastava

Managing Partner | Canada

Adeo Ressi

Venture Partner | US

Mike Suprovici

Venture Partner | US

Abhilash Singh

Venture Partner | India

Bill Draper

Advisor | US

Adam Draper

Advisor | US

Brayton Williams

Advisor | US

Kanti Prabha

Advisor | Canada